01.02.2014 started with a significant event for the company

Факты о нас

01.02.2014 started with a significant event for the company "Inter Auto Group". In the Russian arm of the international logistics operator Glovis have summed up the work results which has been done. The title of "Best Provider 2013" was awarded to the company "Inter Auto Group"!
The title of honor was the result of the daily work of all company's departments. The constant work with the staff was held. The implemented a mentorshipsystem created favorable conditions for quicker adaptation of new employees and formed a team of professional drivers who are interested in the development and prosperity of the company. Considering that specialized courses for working with trucks great rarity, the company independently developed training materials for different trainings and refresher courses for our drivers.
Our trucks fleet constantly modernizing and updating. Over the last year was purchased more than 70 modern vehicles with high loading factor. Special attention is paid to reduction of damages during transportation of cars. Developed new methods of protection.
"Our company is recognized the best on the cumulative assessment of many parameters. For example, such as the timelines of exportation, delivery time, quantity of our own trucks fleet and qualifications of our own drivers. We strive to work in 2014 so as to become a double winner of the honorary title "Best Provider of the company Glovis RUS".
We work with many car manufacturers. Quality requirements of vehicle shipping are very high, therefore prerequisite is constant daily activities to maintain a given high-level. But we are sure in our abilities and the people", - says the managing partner of "Inter Auto Group" Dmitry Tikhomirov.