October 27, 2013. Day of driver!

Факты о нас


Dear colleagues, I congratulate you with your professional holiday "Day of the driver"!

The driver - it sounds proudly. This profession is demanded by society. The driver accomplishes a very important task of food delivery, medicine delivery and other products which people use. Without drivers, our lives would have turned into chaos. Our company take care of our employees. We create best working conditions for their drivers, it is expressed in a stable earnings, the constant existence of the work also we update the trucks fleet for the comfort and quality of the drivers work.

From the last innovations in our company, appeared "Institute of mentoring", to be more exact a hierarchy, where we mark the driver by his merits, appreciate his professional activity. We want the people who work in our company to be proud of that, also we want them to carry out an interesting job and to develops in our company.

In InterAuto employs many diverse drivers. We strive to surround them with comfort, to give them a decent payment for labor and decent earning opportunity. Our Transport Department is always with them, and it's employees are always ready to help drivers of the company in any difficult situation that may happen on the road.

We do joint work, and all our efforts are focused on customer satisfaction. The driver is the person who embodies the service in life. Today's market sets the conditions with which we should care about the quality of services, the speed of their implementation, and to think about the needs of the client.

To ensure that the company operate as a harmonious mechanism, it is necessary for each employee carry out his work qualitatively! Our strength lies in unity!

Managing partner Tikhomirov Dmitriy.