On the 10th of October company "Inter Auto Group" held an action of planting trees

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On the 10th of October company "Inter Auto Group" held an action of planting trees. The program of the environmental protection has been accepted in the company and works for already several years. For  today's event was selected Polyustrovsky garden, which is located between the Polyustrovsky avenue and Kharchenko street, near the high school number 104 named after Mikhail Semenovich Kharchenko - participant of the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union.

The company's team took an active part in that significant event. Worked side by side, employees and directors. Several dozen trees were planted such as- aspen, ash, maple, and even a chestnut!

To the actions of the "Inter Auto Group"  employees intently have been watching professional gardeners. There are many subtleties and only specialists of tree planting know them. For example, the seedling should not interfere with communication, a positive "cohabit" with other plants. When the tree reaches its maximum growth its branches should not touch the electric wires.

In the completion, the company "Inter Auto Group" was thanked and awarded with the diploma "for contribution to improvement and landscaping" by Anna Shipareva - Chief Engineer garden economy of the Vyborg district.

Inter Auto Group is the biggest freight forwarding company in North-West region. Planting new trees - a symbolic event for the auto transportations, because any transport  in some extent pollute environment. Holding such shares enables each person who take part in them, contribute to the improvement of the ecological state of St. Petersburg.